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Short Term Teams

Below is a list of current short term teams. Please click on an opening in the list to view details and apply.

TitleLocationTeam StartTeam TypeStatus
Ascent ChurchDominican Republic07/01/2017Ministry/Service TeamOpen to Ascent Church Members
Christ's Church AlbanyGuatemala06/24/2017Ministry/Service TeamOpen to Christ's Church Albany
Christ's Church GuilderlandGuatemala02/18/2017Ministry/ConstructionOpen
Connection Pointe Student TeamGuatemala03/25/2017Ministry/Service TeamOpen to CPCC Students
Connection Pointe Student TeamGuatemala06/10/2017MinistryOpen to CPCC Young Adults
Crossing ChurchDominican Republic03/11/2017Ministry/ConstructionOpen to Crossing Church Members
Cru Ministry TeamDominican Republic05/27/2017Ministry/Service TeamOpen to college students
Encounter Church TeamGuatemala07/08/2017Ministry/ConstructionOpen to Encounter Church members
FBC Adult TeamDominican Republic06/17/2017Ministry/Service TeamOpen to FBC Adults
FBC College TeamDominican Republic01/01/2017Ministry/EvangelismOpen to college students
FBC Team #1Dominican Republic06/10/2017Ministry/ConstructionOpen to FBC Youth
FBC Team #3Dominican Republic06/24/2017Ministry/Service TeamOpen to FBC Members
FBC Weatherford Team #1Dominican Republic06/10/2017Ministry/ConstructionOpen to FBC Weatherford Members
FBC Weatherford Team #2Dominican Republic06/17/2017Ministry/Service TeamOpen to FBC Weatherford Members
Grace Church TeamDominican Republic01/07/2017Ministry/Service TeamOpen to Grace Church Members
Heights Church TeamDominican Republic03/11/2017Ministry/ConstructionOpen to Heights Church Members
Heights Church TeamDominican Republic11/19/2016Ministry/Service TeamOpen to Heights Church Members
Journey ChurchDominican Republic06/10/2017Ministry/Service TeamOpen to Journey Church Members
Mercy Hill Team #1Dominican Republic03/11/2017Ministry/ConstructionOpen to Mercy Hill Church Members
Mike McClure Computer TeamCambodia04/02/2017TechnologyClosed
Taylor University TeamPeru01/03/2017MinistryOpen to Taylor University students only
UBC Orphan Care TeamDominican Republic10/25/2016Ministry/Service TeamOpen to UBC Only
USC Caruso Catholic Center TeamDominican Republic03/11/2017Ministry/Service TeamOpen to USC Caruso Catholic Center
Vineyard Columbus Middle School TeamDominican Republic06/03/2017Ministry/ConstructionOpen to Vineyard Columbus Middle School Students
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